Move Checklist at a Glance

Pre-Move Activities

  • Get rid of documents, papers and promotional material you no longer need. Additional bins will be delivered to every district location to make it easier to throw away large quantity of items.
  • Start taking home any personal items you have at your workstation.
  • Let your supervisor know how many boxes you will be needing by May 13th. Your supervisor will collect the total number of boxes your department will be needing. Please remember, the boxes provided by facilities are meant for work items only and will be collected after your move date for other departments to use.
  • Supervisors- Once you have your total number of boxes needed for your department, contact Lisa Flores and Wendy Meyer in the facilities department for your box request. You can find their contact information on the last page of this Move Manual.
  • Start familiarizing yourself with our new location. There are tons of new restaurants to visit. Check out the DSO Eats page to see a listing of restaurants and employee picks. Visit for more information.

Two Weeks Before The Move

  • Let your contacts and business partners you work with know that you are moving and share your new address with them.
  • Pack work documents and office supplies in the boxes that facilities provide.
  • Create a list of items you have in each box. This is entirely optional but helpful in keeping track of your items.
  • Label the boxes with your name, department and workstation number.

One Week To One Day Before You Move

  • Make sure you’ve taken home all personal items.
  • Have all work items in boxes. The movers will be taking all boxes the day before the move!
  • Clean and wipe off any dust on your computer and work phone. You’ll want your equipment to be clean for a great start at the new DSO building.
  • Update your voicemail and automatic replies to let everyone know when you’ll be away and provide your new work address.