Move Charrette FAQ’s

Will there be a dress-code policy?
Alamo Colleges District already has a dress-code policy. Take a look at it here. If you have any questions, talk to your supervisor about what’s acceptable and unacceptable.

Will flexible scheduling be considered for the new building?
Our rules and policies are not changing in the new building. This means you keep your current schedule.

Will there be enough meeting spaces?
Yes! Most departments will have some dedicated meeting space. There will also be 8 meeting rooms you can reserve via AdAstra! More information on this coming soon.

When will the fitness center be open for use? 
The Fitness Center will be under-construction when we get to the new building. We’ll have more updates on this as construction wraps up.

Will there be an “open house” at the DSO building before we move?
An open house is being planned for after the move! We’ll have more information on this very soon!

What is the moving schedule timeline? Who is moving when?
The move will start on May 20th, with select areas moving every Monday and Thursday of May. You can find the schedule by visiting the Move Manual page.

How should employees prepare for the move?
Start taking home personal items. This is your opportunity to rethink and refresh your workstation.

Who will provide boxes?
The facilities department will be providing boxes to every department. An email has been sent to all DSO supervisors and employees explaining the process.

What items will be moved?
All our office supplies, including our computers and phones, will be moved to the new office!

What is the process for medication that needs to be refrigerated?
If you need to keep your medication refrigerated, please contact Marina Peterson, Employee Relations Advisor,  as soon as possible to make arrangements at the new DSO building.

How do we keep confidential items/documents safe during the move?
Tape any box that contains private or sensitive information.

How can we maintain privacy in an open office environment?
Keep your workstation safe by locking all your important and sensitive information. When leaving your workstation, always remember to log off your computer. If you need extra privacy at your workstation, ask your supervisor for a computer privacy screen.

Is our old PC/equipment going to the new building?
Yes. We’ll be using our current computers and phones at our new location.

Is our old PC/equipment going to the new building?
Yes. We’ll be using our current computers and phones at our new location.

How quickly will the computers be set up?
Your equipment phone and computer will be broken down by IT and reassembled within 24 hours of the move. More information on your first day at the new DSO building will be available soon.

Will Wi-Fi be available and perform consistently?
Our Wi-Fi is already up and running. The new building is heat-mapped to identify what areas need more Wi-Fi power.

Will we have access to copier/printers?
Yes- We’ll have multi-functioned printers in various workrooms and areas in our new building, based on current volume and utilization. The printers will include color, black and white, copier and scanner capabilities.

Is there a process to request a standing desk?
Yes. If the request for a standing desk is non-medical, talk to your supervisor. If you have a medical request, please contact HR at

Will we have the same phone number?
Yes, we will be keeping our same phone numbers.

Will there be 24/7 support?
The same support we have now will be available at the new building. Helpdesk hours are:

  • Sunday: 11am  -12 midnight
  • Monday-Friday: 8am -12 midnight
  • Saturday: 9am -9pm

Will the building be open to the public?
Only the 1st floor, reception area, cyber café and UPS store is open to the public. The rest of the building will require badge access, so make sure to always carry your badge with you.

Will we be required to use a parking sticker or not?
Yes. All Alamo Colleges District employees should have a parking sticker on their vehicle.

Will Open Carry be allowed?
Open Carry is not allowed at Alamo Colleges District. If you see something, say something- call DPS.