New DSO Building FAQ’s

What is the current completion/move-in date? *Updated
Construction should be completed by May 2019, with a move-in date of May/June 2019.

Do we know which departments are going to be on which floors yet?
A detailed floorplan, along with each employee’s workstation number, will be emailed to DSO employees.

Am I losing my office for a cubicle?
The majority of staff will have workstations in the new building. Workstations will measure 7 ft. x 7 ft. and will be equipped with new modular furniture and panels for privacy.

What type of lighting will there be in the new building?
The building layout is designed to let in as much natural light as possible, which means there will be scenic views of the beautiful grounds around the building. We’ll have more information on additional lighting once construction has been completed.

Will there be enough parking for everyone?
Yes, there are over 500 parking spots. That’s enough parking spots for all district employees and visitors.

Will our parking rate stay the same?
Yes, the rate for parking will not change.

Will there be parking available for guests?
Yes, visitor parking will be available.

Is there public transportation near the building?
Yes! The site is served by two VIA routes. Here is the information we know:

  • Route 20 travels east and west on Josephine Street with stops 45723 on the southwest corner of Alamo and Josephine and stop 45729 at the northeast corner of Alamo and Josephine.
  • Stop 45137 Southwest corner of Broadway and Josephine Routes 9 and 10
  • Stop 45136 Southeast corner of Broadway and Josephine Routes 9 and 10

How will I be able to concentrate in an open-workspace environment?
When sitting in your new workspace area, all neighboring staff members will be out of sight. As far as noise control, the new building will have noise-masking generators throughout the building.

Tell me more about the noise masking generators.
The noise masking generators are designed to alter all conversational noise into an unintelligible murmur, making it less likely to pick up or recognize any conversational noise. It is engineered sound designed to mask the human voices while remaining subtle and innocuous.

Why an open floor plan?
Open workspaces allow for collaboration and team-building. Many companies have open workspaces and have a very positive environment. Recently, the University of Texas System moved to a building with an open floor plan similar to ours with similar sound masking technology. Their employees have commented on how quiet it is and how much easier it is to collaborate in their new building.

Will I be getting new furniture?
Yes. Everyone will be getting new matching furniture, so the building has the same look and feel.

Will I get to pick out my chair?
Yes, employees moving to the new DSO building will get to choose their chair from the options provided to them. More information will be emailed to DSO employees.

Will there be enough space in the cafeteria area to sit all employees?
Several tables will be located in the cafeteria and outdoors for lunch or informal meetings. There will also be smaller break areas on each floor where you can eat lunch, or just sit and relax for a bit.

Who will be our food vendor in the cafeteria?
We’ll have more information on this question once the cafeteria and lunch area is created.

Will there be snack/beverage/coffee vending machines?
Yes, the lunch area will have various vending machines to choose from.

What can you tell me about the gym?
There will be more information on the gym in the coming months.

Tell us more about the outside ground
The outside grounds have been designed to provide scenic and simulating paths and gathering places to further collaborate, gather your thoughts or just relax.

Will anyone be able to enter the building?
Only the reception area and boardroom will be open to the public. All visitors will have to check-in at the front visitor area.

Is my department going to have badge access?
Access to some departments will require employee key cards/badges. Document and furniture storage throughout the building will be locked. More information on this once the departmental setup is finalized.

What kind of new technology will the new building feature that some of our older buildings may not have?
The new building comes equipped with great new tech features. Here are a few features you’ll hear more about soon:

  • Collaboration rooms
  • Private huddle rooms
  • Video conferencing spaces
  • Multimedia rooms
  • Wi-fi access inside and outside the building

Will there be enough storage for my files?
Each department will get one high-density file storage. With this move, our plan is to eliminate (shred) and electronically store as many documents as possible before the move. More on this later.

Will there be enough storage for all my promotional items?
The proposed storage needs have been designed into the building layout.

Are there any restrictions on what I can bring to the new workspace/offices?
Refrigerators, microwaves, heating radiators, or anything that may create a safety risk are restricted.  We hope that by working as a team, you and your peers will be able to discuss what the “office rules” will be for the work area. Office rules created for you, by you!

Will there be bike parking or storage space?
Yes, there will be bike racks. Once we get confirmation on the location of the bike racks, we’ll be happy to share.

How will the culture change with everyone being in the same place?
We’re expecting a lot of collaboration and fun once we’re all in the same building. Also, we’ll finally be able to celebrate AlamoSA together as one big team!

How and when will the move happen? (move logistics)
We’re currently in the process of creating a plan so the move can be as smooth as possible. Details and information will be available soon.

Will there be enough space for departmental growth?
Yes, the building was designed with growth in mind.

Will there be a quiet area for meetings or conferences?
Yes. There will be several conference rooms on each floor of the new building. Each floor will get a huddle room which is ideal for video conferencing or 1-on-1 meetings.  Throughout the building, you will also be able to find quiet rooms for phone calls or private conversations.

Will there be a larger conference area to hold more sizable group meetings and training sessions?
Yes. The new boardroom will allow us to hold larger session such as town halls, leadership meetings, and other large training sessions and conferences without having to leave the premises.

Will there be security on site?
Yes, the new DSO building will house the police and district-wide dispatch center.

What will be the order of departments moving into the new building?
The move-in plans will be developed in the upcoming months.

How will we navigate traffic in the new DSO building?
There will be 3 entrances and exits at the new DSO building to alleviate the flow of traffic. More details on the property layout will be available soon.

Will there be any employee support programs such as the Wellness Program?
Our Wellness Coordinator is planning some fun and exciting new activities for the new DSO building. More information coming soon.