DSO Ambassadors


Hello! We’re the Move Ambassadors. We’re here to make the move as fun and friendly as possible. You most likely already know one of us, but be prepared to see all of us more often. If you have a question or suggestion about the move, just talk to one of us.

  • Linda Boyer-Owens
  • Kim Sanders
  • Rodell Asher
  • Alex Hellinger
  • Velma Willard
  • Shannon Reynolds
  • Carmen Mercedez
  • Corina Vera
  • Andrew Valdez
  • Jessica Barnes
  • Kristi Booth
  • Roberto Echevarria
  • Clara Guerrero Juarez
  • Sandra Mora
  • Carlos Escobar
  • Kimberly Flores
  • Michael Willoughby
  • Aurora Medina