Building Access & Room Reservation

  • Entry to departments will require you to swipe your badge. For this reason, we ask that you remember to wear your badge at all times. Stop by at reception if you forget your badge.
  • DPS is working diligently to program your access badge. All external doors should be programmed before your move date.  DPS Personnel will be on site the day of your move to assist with programming access to offices and other areas.
  • On > Menu > Police Department > Department Forms & Resources there is an Access Control Request Form. Complete the form and email to if you are needing access to specific locations. These requests should be processed within 24 hours.
  • Visitors who do not possess an ACD badge will sign in at reception and receive a Visitor’s Badge except during events held in the Conference Center/Board Room that is open to the public.
  • Should you see someone in the building without a badge, please escort them to the reception area.
  • Meeting spaces in the new building may be reserved for meetings occurring after May 20th. During the period May 20 – June 13, we recommend limiting meetings in the new DSO building to those with employees in the building as we are still working in the building.  The Killen Center at Sheridan is available for use through June 13th for any meetings you may need to schedule with those not located at the DSO building.  The DSO administrative assistants have been trained on AdAstra, our room reservation system. More information on this will be available soon.