Box Request Process

Requesting Boxes

  • Once you have taken home all personal belongings and discarded all documents that are no longer needed, take a look at all the items and documents you will need to move to the new DSO building. Collect the number of boxes each of your employees will need.
  • Make sure to request extra boxes should you have extra office supplies or promotional items.
  • Once you have a total estimate of boxes needed for your department, send Wendy Meyer and Lisa Flores an email with your department’s name, location, and amount of boxes you will be requesting.


  • Two weeks before your departments’ scheduled move date, facilities will deliver the boxes requested. Each department will receive the number of boxes requested as well as labels for each box.
  • Once you receive the boxes, you can start packing all your work items. Do not worry about packing your computer or phone. IT will make arrangements to pack, transport and set up your computer and phone at the new building.
  • You may also use boxes that you have previously collected or that are around the office. Just make sure all the boxes you are using are sturdy and have a lid.
  • Once you have finished packing, tape the labels provided by facilities on the outer side of the boxes.
  • Include on each label your name, department name, and new workstation/office number.
  • DO NOT WRITE ON THE BOXES.  All boxes will be re-used by the next department moving. Please only use the labels that are provided by facilities.

Departmental Office Supplies/Promotional Items

  • Pack any extra office supplies or promotional items your department may have.
  • Label boxes with your department’s name and location.

Safe Keeping

  • We recommend you and your employees make a list of all items going in the boxes. This will make it easier for you to locate all your items and confirm that everything has been delivered.